Bandag Retreads

Bandag Retreads. Part of Nature.

  • Caring about the environment?
  • Cut your tyre budget?

Bandag helps you to reach both goals at the same time!

To retread a 315/80R22.5 with a standard traction pattern, a Bandag retread only takes 26 liters of oil to produce, compared to 83 liters for a new tyre.

Shrink your tyre budget and help nature

Bandag retreads cost a fraction of new tyres and have far less impact on the environment.

Bandag means peace of mind 

Out on the road, Bandag retreads match the charcteristics of premium new tyres in reliability, safety and performance!

Factors affecting fuel consumption in a fleet

Reducing total fuel consumption is an objective for many fleets today.

Fuel consumption is influenced by a series of controllable and uncontrollable factors.

Premium long-lasting tyres are beneficial for both your tyre budget and your fuel budget.

  • The rolling resistance of a tyre is decreasing during its service life, as it gets lighter and stiffer. As there is less and less rubber, there is also less heat build-up.
  • Tests done by Bridgestone have indicated that the longer a tyre lasts, the lower the average rolling resistance is!

Bad tyre maintenance will negatively affect your fuel budget.

Driving style, mis-alignment and aerodynamics have still a greater impact and should be effectively controlled.