Tyre Management

Improper tyre pressure makes you lose more than you think!

Tyres, not inflated properly will perform less.

Impact of inflation on tyre performance (based on industry standards )

Under inflated tyres will also lead to:

  • Higher fuel consumption
  • More breakdowns
  • Reduction of the casing life

How to get the maximum out of your tyre budget?

Use the right tyres for your fleet

  • Define the optimal tyre for each wheel position
  • Avoid tyre mismatches

Proper tyre maintenance

  • Define the optimal pressure for each wheel position
  • Regular tyre inspections and pressure checks

Maximize casing usage

  • Remove retreadable tyres in time
  • Keep control of your demounted casings

  • Vehicle maintenance and driving conduct

  • It takes a well maintained vehicle to get the maximum performance out of your tyres
  • Watch out for misalignment, unbalanced tyres, mechanical wear, etc.
  • Generate driver awareness


Good tyre management not only minimizes your tyre cost!

It also has an impact on:

  • Number of breakdowns and vehicle uptime
  • Fuel consumption
  • Safety on the road